Wendel Clark vs. Marty McSorley

November 23, 2008

In a tribute to Wendel Clark’s jersey retirement, Hockeyhype is proud to post one of our greatest Wendel Clark moments.

The Best of Bob Probert

February 4, 2008

Featuring the best of Bob Probert in Detroit. For the best of Porbert in Chicago click here.

Top 5 NHL Superstar fights

November 11, 2007

I’m not sure if all these guys are still superstars or ever were? But they know how to throw ’em!

Classic Fights: The Battle of Quebec

August 31, 2007

Known as “Good Friday brawl/the battle of Quebec” this is possibly the most famous game ever played between the Montreal Canadiens and the Quebec Nordiques. As the period ends a bench clearing brawl erupts, during the brawl Louie Slegr KO’s Jean Hamel and later Dale Hunter goes ballistic.

Classic Fight: Grimson vs Simpson

August 27, 2007

Stu Grimson makes VERY quick work of the Blues Todd Simpson. So quick in fact, that he’s off the ice and headed to the locker room before Simpson even gets back to his feet.

Classic Fight: Probert vs Carkner

June 30, 2007

Terry Carkner of the Flyers holds his own against NHL tough guy Bob Probert, but he’s probably happy the refs stepped in when they did.

Lemieux Fights

June 7, 2007

TSN highlights Mario Lemieux’s fights in the NHL which include Gary Lupul, Bob Carpenter, Bobby Gould (in which he suffered a broken jaw) and Todd Krygier.

Classic Fight: Twist vs Antoski

June 5, 2007

Tony Twist of the Blues makes quick work of the Flyers Shawn Antoski as “the Twister” scores a 1 punch KO.

Classic Fight: Downey vs Norton

May 12, 2007

This ‘fight’ between Aaron Downey of the Canadiens and Brad Norton of the Senators is classic for all the wrong reasons.

Classic Fight: Kordic vs Kimble

April 29, 2007

The refs are sure to keep there distance in this great bout between to tough guys John Kordic of the Leafs and Darin Kimble of the Nordiques. Kimble seems to have the upper hand for most of the fight until Kordic gets a great shot in at the end.