Florida Panthers Fans Are Awesome!

In a recent Florida Panthers game an enthusiastic young lady (with a nice rack) decided that rubbing herself and exposing her breasts to the crowd was a great way to show her support for the home team. What a true fan! Hopefully this trend catches on with other female hockey fans. (Update: for the uncensored version, click here.)



3 Responses to Florida Panthers Fans Are Awesome!

  1. yourfriendandy says:


    I remember being flashed at a Bills game when I was 12.

    She wasn’t very good looking though.



  2. Dxgkptug says:

    vtR04s comment1 ,

  3. Aaron says:

    I think this was at a Florida Panthers versus Tampa Bay Lightning game…so shes flashing at the away team. Muy interesante!!!

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